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Community Activity

1The German Navy Seals24254223.02.2010
2@ Big Funny Team11711609.07.2012
5Advanced Recon Commando'76812104.02.2012
6HighDefinition Fun Clan6411607.01.2011
7German Death Angels6393226.12.2013
8Team Synetic5921231.08.2013
9Rudel weiße Wölfe4142412.09.2013
10Legion 693851912.06.2013
1Advanced Recon Commando'12176804.02.2012
2The German Navy Seals42242523.02.2010
5Memories Of The Light361002.09.2017
6German Death Angels3263926.12.2013
7High Aggressive Teamplay Elite3021325.08.2015
8Tactical operation Team2614320.04.2014
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German Pro FighterZ
Clan with 4 Members
platform Battlefield 1
platform Rainbow Six: Siege
platform GTA V
platform CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered

We ArE 0ne
Clan with 4 Members
platform Rainbow Six: Siege

Alliance with 5 Members
platform Crossout
platform GTA V
platform Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
platform War Thunder

Clan with 7 Members
platform Piercing Blow

Aquantic eSports
Clan with 9 Members

Alliance with 6 Members
platform Empire Earth

Last Tank Standing
Clan with 6 Members
platform World of Tanks

Clan with 5 Members
platform Rainbow Six: Siege

Clan with 38 Members
platform Destiny 2
platform Destiny

Guild with 13 Members
platform World of Warcraft